Nikau Midwives on the Kapiti Coast
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Tash Robertson

Julie I am really excited to be sharing this unique time with you whether it be your first baby or a new addition to your growing family. I have lived on the coast for 13 years with my husband and six children. I feel passionate about women’s health and informed choice.
As your midwife I will walk this journey with you and your family and provide the information for you to be able to make choices around your pregnancy and birth. I work alongside a multidisciplinary team of health professionals in my rooms at Paraparaumu Beach and take a small caseload so that I can provide individualised care for each woman and family.
I am backed up by local Midwives on the coast when required. I am happy to provide care to birth at home, Paraparaumu or Wellington. I am a current member of New Zealand College of Midwives.

Tash Robertson
Come and meet Nikau Midwives and women using our service at the weekly coffee mornings
Tuesday 10:30-11:30am
Kāpiti Community Centre
Ngahina St

Contacting Us

0800 4 NIKAU is free to call from any phone, including mobiles, within New Zealand and is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
You can select extension 1 if you are lloking for a midwife or select the extension of the midwife you wish to speak to.  You call will go directly to her mobile phone.
Please save non-urgent matters (eg choosing a midwife or changing appointments) for 9am to 5 pm on weekdays.
If we are with another woman when you call we will respond to your voice message once we are free.
If your call is urgent and the midwife does not answer hang up and ring again straight away.   If you cannot reach your midwife use the extension of your back up midwife.  In the unlikely event you do not get a reply you can contact us via Paraparaumu Maternity Unit 04 903 0205 where a midwife answers the phone 24/7. Or Wellington Hospital Delivery Suite midwives 04 806 0850.
When we are on leave or out of phone range we will forward our calls to another Nikau Midwife.  Just use your own midwife’s extension and you will be put through.
Email - any queries or comments can be directed to