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Sheryl Morris

Time is an important word for me when I think about how to describe my practice as a midwife. Giving women the time they need to ask questions, check things out and discuss options enables women to make the right choices for them on their journey to becoming a mother. Spending time getting to know the women I care for allows me to provide respectful, empowering and inclusive care for both women and their whanau.
I began practising as a midwife in 2011 and I love what I do. Providing confident care and support during this emotional and life changing journey is a true privilege. I approach my practice with calmness, confidence, and safety and will support women where they choose to birth – at home, at our fantastic primary unit in Paraparaumu and in Wellington Regional Hospital.
I originally qualified as a secondary teacher and spent several years teaching both here and overseas. Working with people and being part of their journey is something I have always enjoyed.
As part of my own journey I am currently working on a research project for my Masters Degree in Midwifery.
I live on the Kapiti Coast with my partner, our 3 children, and our small zoo – a cat, dogs, chickens and bees. I love being on the beach, in the garden with my roses, on my bike and with my beautiful family.
Some Feedback:
Little B’s entrance into the world has had a huge impact on our lives and I’m so pleased that you were part of our beautiful journey. Thank you for involving our other children in such a loving way. This birth will be a special memory that we will all be able to share together thanks to you.’
Totally professional, caring and thoughtful.’
Fantastic midwife who provided great care and information without overloading. Excellent genuine care expressed throughout.’
My first child so very clueless and I placed full trust in Sheryl. Most significant event of my life and I felt safe, informed and very well cared for.’
Sheryl was the most intelligent lovely woman to have with me during this journey. She has a wealth of information to share and her instincts are next to none.’
Sheryl was amazing – everything we could have hoped for in our midwife and more. Her advice support and information were second to none. She was always there no matter the issue. She filled me with confidence throughout my pregnancy and heading into labour so that I was looking forward to it. She has an infectious energy.’
Very approachable and easy to build a relationship with. Our experience this time was made much better this time around having Sheryl as our midwife.’
Very approachable, practical and non-judgemental.’
Patient, informative, caring, respectful and always calm.’
Sheryl is an exceptional midwife; professional, respectful, kind, considerate & knowledgeable.’
Sheryl was perfect! Did an awesome job at making me feel at ease and gave me so much confidence as a first time mum.’
Sheryl gave me the confidence to make decisions I felt were right for myself and my baby. She always provided up to date information, allowing me to make informed choices. I began this pregnancy feeling vulnerable due to past experiences and ended it feeling empowered as a woman.’

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Come and meet Nikau Midwives and women using our service at the weekly coffee mornings
Tuesday 10:30-11:30am
Kāpiti Community Centre
Ngahina St

Contacting Us

0800 4 NIKAU is free to call from any phone, including mobiles, within New Zealand and is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
You can select extension 1 if you are lloking for a midwife or select the extension of the midwife you wish to speak to.  You call will go directly to her mobile phone.
Please save non-urgent matters (eg choosing a midwife or changing appointments) for 9am to 5 pm on weekdays.
If we are with another woman when you call we will respond to your voice message once we are free.
If your call is urgent and the midwife does not answer hang up and ring again straight away.   If you cannot reach your midwife use the extension of your back up midwife.  In the unlikely event you do not get a reply you can contact us via Paraparaumu Maternity Unit 04 903 0205 where a midwife answers the phone 24/7. Or Wellington Hospital Delivery Suite midwives 04 806 0850.
When we are on leave or out of phone range we will forward our calls to another Nikau Midwife.  Just use your own midwife’s extension and you will be put through.
Email - any queries or comments can be directed to